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Regarding the use of lithium batteries, you may need to know somethings

◆ This is a Lithium polymer battery. It is very safe to charge, use & store if using properly. However, failure to do as instructed may result in fire, personal injury and damage to property. ◆ Avoid unsupervised charging, charging in an isolated position, away from flammable materials. ◆ The charger you use must be compatible with lithium polymer battery related chargers. Please allow the battery to cool to ambient temperature before charging.



         厦门三圈电池有限公司具有拥有超过九十年的电池生产历史和经验,是中国电池行业的龙头企业。公司除生产传统电池外,着重发展叠片式高倍率模型系列锂电池及无人机系列锂电池。         公司拥有先进的自动化锂电池生产线,构建了高倍率型动力锂电池的研发、设计、生产、销售和技术服务为一体的完整体系。产品采用叠片式软包结构、具有高倍率、低内阻的优越性能,模型动力电池连续放电可达90C以上,达到国际领先水平;产品综合性能具有比能量高,比功率高,一致性好、续航时间长,使用温度范围宽,散热效果好,循环寿命长等显著特点。

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